The Voyagers From The North

On July 2001 me and my friend Ronald took a voyage across the ocean from the north to the south. We did it without food supplies or even equipt with enough money to bought any. At that time, only one small boat made from wood was dare to sail.

The only goal was to came back home.

This boat was an old rooten wood boat with approximately size same as a basket ball yard. But at the moment, it looks like occupied with the whole city of refugees, people who tried to came back home. As far as I could remember, childrens and elderly was the most inhibitants. They were put at the center of the boat. While mens and teenagers spread along the side.

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Help Shifa To Stay In School

Hi my name is Vallentino, I want to fundraising for education purpose of one of my former patients. I acknowledge that behind every story of children there is a perfect pathway and an imperfect pathway of life. This child is the sample of imperfect ones. Her name is Shifa.

They are incapable to provide internet service due to financial issues, so I have the initiative to start this campaign for them. As their family friend, I also feel responsible to help them and by that I am fully in charge for anything related with this campaign. All the contact number and important element of this action will be on my name, so please do not hesitate to inquired any questions.

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Fast Food Complication

When I read that Mike Mohede pass away, I was stroke a chord for while. Mike was one of my favorite singer who died last month with possible suspect cause by a heart attack while he was played game.

Suddenly, quick and silent. No such spesific symptoms were detected, according to witness.

Then I remember an article I read several years ago about the connection of fast food to obesity, high cholesterol level, and heart disease. How come? The question was start from this.

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The Big Pictures

Its exhausted, and somehow at the point of my life I said, “f*ck, I wanna quit.” But I didn’t, so this books stay on my bookshelf. And trust me, this is only one and a half quater of all of it.

Sixteen years ago I never thought that stay late night at the place where each person surround you either taking care for someone, or being cared by someone is going to be the place where I have to spent my days. The hospital actually not only the options after you graduate from med school. You can be in a private practice dealing with not so emergency case, an oil rig doctor who give more prevention action and keep the employee stay healthy, or you can just be a researcher and spent all your day in the laboratory, talking to mice.

Its all about choices.

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Amy, Antara Kemanusiaan Dan Realita

Amy terbaring diatas genangan cairan merah kental beralaskan tikar coklat kehitaman. Saat perawat membalikkan tubuhnya, tampak luka menggangga hampir disepanjang punggung dan pantatnya. Luka dekubitus yang lama tanpa perawatan yang benar membuat semua pembuluh darah di kulitnya terbuka. Luka yang mengering tergesek oleh gerakan Amy, membuatnya harus tidur diatas genangan darahnya sendiri.

“Biarkan saja saya mati. Saya sudah lelah.” bisiknya pada suatu kesempatan.

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Biarkan Mereka Menilai

Pertemuan mereka terjadi di sebuah kamp perusahaan di belahan utara Maluku. Sang pemuda pun jatuh cinta pada sang gadis. Mereka kemudian memiliki dua orang anak tapi tidak pernah menikah. Hidup didalam komunitas yang menjunjung tinggi nilai-nilai agama membuat mereka harus berhadapan dengan tembok tinggi angkuhnya norma dan budaya.

Namun dengan tekad mereka berjalan.

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Mau Sekolah Spesialis? Ini Tipsnya.

Selesai sekolah dapat gelar dokter umum lalu mau kemana? Ini pertanyaan sebagian besar lulusan dokter di Indonesia. Lanjut S2, bekerja, atau lanjut PPDS.

Kali ini kita bahas karir bagi lulusan dokter di Indonesia bila memilih jalur PPDS.

PPDS atau Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis di Indonesia diselenggarakan oleh universitas-universitas negeri yang dilakukan di rumah sakit pendidikan fakultas kedokteran masing-masing. Jangka waktunya bervariasi antara 4 tahun (8 semeester) sampai 6 tahun (12 semester) tergantung dari masing-masing program studi. Lebih lengkapnya bisa langsung ke website masing-masing universitas penyelenggara PPDS.

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