Letter To Anna

Dear Ms. Anna,

I wish everything is fine with you now. How is your surgical residency? You are smart, I am sure you could make it. You are talented, gifted, passionate, and dedicated to be a surgeon someday. We never meet for sure but knowing you for awhile open many insight for me. How people like you across this globe can be such a wonderful friend to other side of the hemisphere.

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My Unlimited Resources Of Knowledge

Dear Princess,

When I was a kid Daniel your great grandfather gave me a Bible. Just a small one with black leather on its side. It was my first time sunday school at the church. He had one favorite verse that he always repeated, Matthew chapter 7 verse 7 “ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open for you.” Since that moment, that verse is my companion.

Don’t get wrong, I am not that religius men who hold the bible every where I go. Time by time I open it just because I am in trouble. When your grandmother get angry to me, I sit in my room open that Bible and read. After that, like any other boy I put it back on my shell and open it only when I was in trouble, again. Or when my friends punch me with no reason, I never fight back. I ask the Bible, what should I do? Maybe you have the answer.

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Another Lesson In Flood

Dear Princess,

My first time flood experience was in college where my rent house along with three of my collegues drown into waters. The storm hit since 4 pm until 6 am and the result was not surprised. Half of my stuff became garbage and I had to skip my physiology laboratory skills on the other day.

Ten years later, which is recently days I had my next flood lessons. Two times precisely. First was on Sunday 16 last week and second was yesterday. I write this while I sit on the top of my half wet books and German course practical book. My other stuff like old documents such as papers that is not survive will have to remove as soon as possible.

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My Deutsche Class

Dear Princess,

This is my class. Each of us has something deep down inside our heart that drive us to be here all together. Most of the male pursuing job or study in Germany. The female have pretty much different goals. Like Rezania and Yin, they learn here because they in love with the culture including the language. Merry’s husband is German so in order to gain Visa she must submit A1 Goethe Institute certificate. Some others like Putri, Tasya, et cetera want to continue their education.

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Harvest The Wisdom

Dear Princess,

“Pak Giri” is the oldest member of our class. He have double degree in Arts and Law. Now he want to pursue master degree in Europe that is why he join this institution. He is a very funny men. Everyone like him already. Before our class is start every morning we both spent time to talk about lots of things. Start from politics, social life, humanitarian, economy and many more.

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I’ve Made It!

Dear Princess,

After nine long years, today I made it. Yes I do. 😉

I meet new friends today, Daus and Paxy who recently graduated from high school, Michael who works at Soe Kupang few month ago, Ryan a smart engineering, Putri the ex flight attendant of Singapore Airlines, Yin from somewhere in China who can not speak Indonesia although she already 2,8 month here, Tasya who dream to be a politician, and many more.

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